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The SMG Advantage

Competitive Advantages of Sixes Management Group


  • Regional Focus, Corporate Headquarters in Woodstock, GA – SMG’s principals have unrivaled market experience in the Southeast, and the corporate headquarters at Towne Lake Hills assures direct and constant attention by senior management.


  • Customer/Homeowner Service – SMG is committed to customer service. With in-person representation in close proximity to our communities for bill payment and questions, SMG’s office is open Monday-Friday and brings a new level of service to residents. SMG believes in regular surveys of our clients and homeowners to gain insight as to how their community association can better serve them.


  • Experience – Experience in avoiding the pitfalls most commonly associated with amenity operations, and best practices garnered from 35 Club properties over a span of 25 years.


  • Marketplace Expertise – Tremendous marketplace expertise resulting in correct and proper analysis for market positioning, pricing and community programming. The principals of SMG have operated in the Southeast for nearly thirty years. This regional focus allows the SMG principals to directly interact with our managed communities on a daily basis, and provides an unrivaled knowledge of the communities.


  • Advertising and Programming – Advertising templates and program establishment, allowing for high quality collateral materials and advertising pieces at significantly reduced costs. A great deal of experience in newsletters, ad sales, and communication and a full time corporate marketing position assisting in design and implementation is a tremendous benefit to our association clients.


  • Communication and Database Management – as an example, the association management company in the BridgeMill community relies on the cooperation of BridgeMill Athletic Club to communicate important events and messages through the Club database of residents as the Association has not successfully built an e-mail database. With the experience of SMG’s principals in Club management and retail sales, SMG brings a wealth of customer relationship management techniques and programs to the association management industry and will significantly upgrade the communication capabilities between our Association clients and its members.


  • Purchasing Power and National Accounts – Substantial purchasing power and discounts through inclusion in national buying programs and national account status for a wide variety of purchases, with savings accruing to the client (maintenance and construction equipment, printing, pool supplies and chemicals, etc…).


  • Human Resources – Perform all human resources functions and provide standard policies, procedures, training programs, job descriptions, and compensation programs for any association employees.


  • Operational Best Practices – Establishment and implementation of operational best practices that have been honed at more than thirty Club properties over the last 29+ years.


  • Daily Operational Control and Oversight – Oversight and direction from highly trained and experienced regional and corporate staff. Additionally, with SMG’s base of operations on property, direct involvement and oversight from the principals and founders of SMG is certain.


  • Technology Partnerships – SMG provides our clients leading property management software, Village Management, included in the base management fee.
  • Policies and Procedures – The implementation and establishment of operational policies, procedures, documentation, reference materials, various business templates, and training manuals.


  • Budgeting and Financial Statements – Operational budgets and detailed financial statements generated by in the SMG central accounting operation.


  • Accounting and Payroll – Full-scale accounting and payroll services are provided through the SMG accounting department. Also, monthly financial reporting and timely proforma budgets.