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  • General Inquiries 770-575-0943


Management Services

As part of our management services, we will:

  • Answer questions from residents
  • Notify owners of violations of the community design standards
  • Collect HOA assessments
  • Create annual budgets
  • Organize annual meeting process
  • Review the adequacy of the reserves
  • Manage outside contractors
  • Provide training for board members
  • Manage the bid and contract process
  • Property Tax Filing
  • Work with realtors and potential owners to distribute membership information
  • Take over management of the tedious tasks the Board does not want!

Accounting Services

  • Collect and deposit assessments
  • Aggressively pursue delinquent accounts
  • Manage accounts payable
  • Prepare and submit monthly financials packet to the Board of Directors
  • Coordinate any legal issues